Working With 2 Families Now!

WPCV was able to get started with the first set of donations to the Gonzalez family in early October. In recent talks with the family, they are making tremendous progress and should have some pictures of their rebuilt living room and kitchen areas for our Facebook page soon. Then, this week, the Eskins family joined our program. This incredible group has lost their home twice, did not qualify for FEMA aid and was a few short days from their first rebuild completion and obtaining flood insurance when Harvey struck. To listen to them tell the story, watch the tears in their eyes as they opened the Home Depot gift cards and just feel the impact was a testament to every single person who has helped this process along. 

Coming Together

I don't know if any of us realized the task we were in for when this began, though it obviously pales in comparison to the people actually trying to rebuild their lives. In the weeks after Harvey, Florida was hit, then Puerto Rico was hit and people all over the country (and world) have been left scrambling to find food, water, building supplies and the necessary money to get started on the rebuilding efforts. WPCV has continued to push forward and do whatever we can. We have contacted numerous school districts and a few do want some help supplying kids with new shoes and backpacks, but are trying to figure out the legal aspect of how this direct contribution needs to be facilitated. Then we have identified a few families that we will directly help rebuild with quarterly draws to Home Depot for all they need. Home Depot has been gracious enough to set up an account for us to aid these draw programs as we pay for materials, big thanks to Kevin Boyer for handling that aspect for us! And all current orders for shirts and hats have been shipped as of 10/1/17, so thank you to Torrie & Kassidy Heite for that help on the weekends! Hopefully the donation to our first family, the Gonzalez family, will be in their hands to start using within the next week. We are doing everything as quickly as possible within the legal parameters of this non-profit and appreciate all the support, patience and encouragement from friends and family.

Week 1 Update

It's been less than a week since the storm passed. In these few short days, we have taken orders for over 300 pieces of merchandise and a handful of direct donations, totaling over $10,000! Icon Bank has been incredible to facilitate opening our account on a rush basis when many of their branches and employees were not back in the office yet (thank you Victor and Juanita). To every lawyer, CPA, designer and friend that has lent a hand to get this in motion- thank you! We are continuing to launch new products and find more friends in the community to join our efforts. Thank you to every individual, to CARU/West Gulf, Flex-Box, EMS, the NPSA, GCPHC, Trinity Pilates, Kalil & Co, Kalil Bottling. Please stay tuned to the blog section for updates as we start to distribute funds in the community.   

Starting WPCV

We've been trapped in our homes for the past several days. We've been aching to help those less fortunate from the tragedy across southern parts of Texas. How could we help multiple families rebuild? How could we ensure that the funds actually got fully and directly to those in need? How could a few regular guys generate enough momentum to make a noticeable difference? The concept of a non-profit jumped into our minds. In a frantic pace, the group of us in Houston jumped into action getting printing companies in Fort Worth started on production, attorneys in Dallas to register and file the paperwork. We will sell the merchandise, find the people who need it most and help them purchase building materials, furniture, appliances, school clothes or anything else possible using 100% of all proceeds. Join us to help rebuild!


Hurricane Harvey hit land in Texas on Friday, August 25, 2017. It devastated many coastal areas with high winds, numerous tornados spinning off and insane amounts of rainfall pounding the Houston metroplex for several days. With unprecedented rain flooding much of the city, we are Houstonians and we will rebuild the city stronger together. We will show the country and the world that the spirit of Texans will prevail!