Starting WPCV

We've been trapped in our homes for the past several days. We've been aching to help those less fortunate from the tragedy across southern parts of Texas.

How could we help multiple families rebuild? How could we ensure that the funds actually got fully and directly to those in need? How could a few regular guys generate enough momentum to make a noticeable difference?

The concept of a non-profit jumped into our minds. In a frantic pace, the group of us in Houston jumped into action getting printing companies in Fort Worth started on production, attorneys in Dallas to register and file the paperwork. We will sell the merchandise, find the people who need it most and help them purchase building materials, furniture, appliances, school clothes or anything else possible using 100% of all proceeds. Join us to help rebuild!


  • Thank you all for reaching out! We are overwhelmed by the support of our friends, family and industry colleagues through this venture. We hope to have more updates very soon with all the efforts out in the community!

    Team WPCV
  • Hi Kevin (and Family), our thoughts and prayers are with you all there in Houston. In addition to buying the T-Shirts shown on your website, We (on behalf of Delta Mark, Inc.) would like to make a separate monetary donation for the relief effort. Please advise to whom we should send this to.

    Joern Schmey
  • My hats off to you guys. I plan on buying some merchandise and I’m passing along the info to friends. I live near Meyerland and have spent the past few years dealing with the floods….this was/is like nothing I’ve ever seen and still continues to be. I appreciate the work you guys put into this. I hope you are safe and did not get too much damage.

    Best Regards,

    Kirk Schwartzenburg
    National Container Sales

    Kirk Schwartzenburg
  • Hey Guys-

    This is truly amazing and you guys are doing something that directly contributes to helping those in need. Awesome!! Thank you!!

    Amy Baten
  • Glad you are ok Kev, this is terrible and we would like to make a donation to the people in need.

    Nicky De
    Sea Box, Inc.

    Nick DeLaurentis

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